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Grok BNB is designed to moon with a bit of wit and has a rebellious streak, so please don’t buy it if you hate humor!


About Grok BNB

We all know why you are here. You missed GROK on ETH and want to print some money. Well, good news! Gronk BNB is made by Jotaroshi, previous developer of PEPE BNB. PEPE BNB reached an all time high of 30M during the PEPE run and was the biggest PEPE token on BSC. Grok BNB will follow the same route and overpass all other Grok's out there.

CA: 0x5DfE333C435aD2d6B65b8F68a0c787aa7fA0aF32



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a look into roadmap

GROK BNB's roadmap lays out a clear and ambitious plan for the future of the platform. With a focus on community engagement, partnerships, and innovative features, GROK BNB aims to establish itself as a leading player in the BNB chain. From the launch of the initial token sale to the introduction of new utility functions, GROK BNB is poised to create a vibrant ecosystem for users and investors alike.

Phase 1: Processing

  • Launch
  • Website creation
  • Social Media creation
  • Renounce Ownership
  • Marketing & Community building

Phase 2: Full Send

  • CZ Tweet
  • Exchange listings
  • SM Marketing
  • Partnerships
  • Utility building
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Frequently Asked Questions

Grok made it's move to the BNB Chain on November 13th.

You can buy GROK BNB on Pancakeswap with BNB. Just click on any "Buy now" button to purchase GROK BNB.

Grok takes care of everyone. Everyone with an IQ above 0 is allowed to join Grok.

Grok ETH is leading the way but almost reached its peak. GROK BNB is for the people, affordable for anyone and everyone.